Get from here:


and unzip it somewhere.


Connect the frame via usb and select “USB Connect” in the frame menu.

Wait until the frame is recognized as cd-rom drive.

Open a command windows (Windows 7: start-button, enter “cmd”, press enter.


Change to the dir where the ax206-dump tool resides.

(cd etc)


Then enter:

ax206dump [Drive letter of cd-rom]


then a file dpf_dump.bin should be saved.


That’s it, backup done.



ok, the flashing part is a translation from


get the fashing software from here:


extract it. You might need a different ini file, if the programming chip is not recognized.

you can find a link for it here,8553

If you get the FlashLib.ini file, copy it into the dir of the flash-software.

From there, also download the new firmware (attachment of the first post)

Extract them all.

Do not attach the frame, yet.

start ProgSPI.exe.

Go to settings, and check if "program" and "reset" are active.

Attach now the frame, it is recommended to use an USB cable of better quality than the one supplied with.

Now, there is a trick to switch the frame to the programming mode:

Use a paper clip and press the reset button. Hold it pressed. Now additionally press the menu button, hold it pressed while

releasing the reset button, then release the menu button.


If you did it right, the display is now black and the channel 1 box of the fashing software is green.


Now press browse and make a good guess for the firmware file and select it. Linkdelight 5 would be my first choice.

Now execute!

Programming might take 2-3min

 After Programming, reset the frame with the paper clip. If all went well, eyes appear.

If not, try another firmware and redo.

Here is the (old) list of firmwares, try the 320x240 first.

If all fails, you have two options: flash back the original firmware, and you have a small picture frame, or post you backup in the right forum, and ask friendly for support. For me, that worked 100%.

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